Weapons Tactical Defense

You have a responsibility to learn Weapon Defense to protect yourself and your loved ones. 


Sexual Assaults / Rapes, Abductions, Car-Jackings, Muggings, Home Invasions, and other Criminal Attacks are prevalent around the World and happen every second of the day. Why take the chance of being a victim and getting hurt or dying for something preventable. You see the News of this happening all the time.  

JSK's Weapon Tactical Defense will teach you the knowledge and give you the tools to defend against Guns, Knives, Blunted Weapons, and any other Universal Weapons that people use for criminal attacks.

Learn effective tactics to keep you and your family safe. Don't be a Victim, Be a Survivor.

We also do corporate training for employees that need specialized skills for security and conflict intervention. Corporate rates are available for discount pricing and tax incentives.


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