Our Women's Self Defense & Protection Seminars are exactly what women need to stay safe from criminal attacks. We provide you with all the tools and knowledge to understand how to protect yourself in case of attacks to survive. Criminal attacks happen all over the World every minute, every day, its important to be aware and know how to safeguard yourself and loved ones from danger.

We are here to help you become an Empowered Warrior with reality based tactics that will work every time against any sized Attacker and against any weapon. Anyone can learn this as it is easy yet very effective and painful to any type of Attacker.

Our programs cater to children, women, seniors, and the adaptive (disabilities) community, so the techniques are practical and realistic to perform.

Stay safeguarded against potential criminal attacks, protect your loved ones, and have the confidence and empowerment to fight hard to win!

Contact us to reserve your spot for our next seminars.

We also offer Free Seminars for any corporate businesses that would like to offer this to their employees.