Personal Training: 1-on-1 & Group

Our Personal Training Programs are designed to fit any individual's needs in Functional Fitness, Adaptive Therapy, Sports Conditioning, Mixed Martial Arts, and Reality-Based Tactical Self Defense. We offer One-on-One Private Sessions, Small Group, Bootcamps, Seminars, and Certification Courses.

The Sessions are amazing workouts with expert instruction that are FUN, ENERGIZING, EMPOWERING, and RESULTS DRIVEN. You and your family will LOVE training in all of the Jing-Shen Kuoshu programs that are structured to get faster results in your mind and body!

The Jing-Shen Personal Training Team can work with all kinds of people and their goals to achieve guaranteed success. The knowledge is priceless and we help maintain this as a lifestyle in all of our clients to always be at the peak of their game in life. Our Master Instructors have dedicated their lives to learning this knowledge in order to pass it down to you, so now you can have the information to train your body to optimum efficiency for life.

Come try any of our programs and see the difference yourself. We strive to be World-Class Specialists that cater to everyone's needs and to help people live healthier and safer lives.

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