Hi, I’m Greg Fraser, founder and creator of HIITFIT: “Fight for Fitness”, the JSK Boxing Team: KTOTS (Keeping Teens Off The Streets) and Jing Shen Kuoshu: Martial Science & Functional Fitness a world leader in Adaptive Self Defense. For more than 30 years I’ve taught everyone from, nervous first timers to elite athletes, from bouncers to executive security and from gang unit police officers to special operators. During this time I’ve had an opportunity to train under and work alongside some of the worlds top athletes, public speakers, inventors, professors, coaches and trainers. I’ve had, what some may call a lucky life, having been able to take a lifetime dream and turn it into a successful career.

I've been a co-owner of 3 Boxing/MMA & Self Defense gyms in San Diego, California since 1997. In 2009, I made a decision to take a chance, "step-out-of-the-box" and commit my time to becoming a mobile trainer and open my own unique solo training facility. Now in 2019, I am looking to helping personal trainers, coaches, and martial arts instructors, step away from the Big Box Gyms to venture out from the “Red Ocean” in search of “blue waters”. In 2019 and 2020 my focus is to develop a New Trainers Alliance where trainers can come together in small group partnerships to share ideas, get corporate contracts, develop an online presence and learn how to find and maintain “top shelf” clients.  I’ve worked hard, 7 days a week for more than 20 years as a trainer, coach, consultant, large gym owner and as a sole proprietor to bring trainers a new business formula model that will help them be successful, at whatever level they may choose to reach for, through the 2020’s. 

While I'm here, I would like to give respect and honor to some of the people and organizations that have helped me to really evolve and strengthen the essence and spirit of Jing Shen Kuoshu, since its first beginnings in the late 1980s. From my early days in Canada, I’d like to give a shout out to the trainers, masters and coaches that helped to mold me into the martial artist I am today. So here is to the ones who set anchors in my memories, changed my outlook and approach to martial arts and have directly and indirectly helped in the development of what today is Jing Shen Kuoshu: Martial Science & Functional Fitness… Special thanks to Sifu/ Guru Jacques Patenaude, who gave me my first introduction to Kung Fu through his Wing Chun Do and Jun Fan Do programs (very similar to Jeet June Do. James De Mile’s Lineage), Grand Master Harry Rhodes who introduced me to the amazing world of Jujitsu as a freshman in high school and where my lifelong interest in pursuing martial arts as a career, I believe, rooted from. To the Bruce Family, from Ottawa, Canada who were, simply street fighting magicians through my teen years and street fighting years. LOL. To Raymond Takahashi and my high school wrestling coaches. 

I’d also like to send out a very special thanks and recognition to my mentors who helped guide me and who in 2001 gave Jing Shen Kuoshu true recognition in the marital arts world when I was honored by the title Sijo / Grand Master by Grand Master Brian Adams (Kenpo-Jujitsu-Escrima) and Grand Master David German (Kenpo-Chin Na- Aiki Jujitsu) at Black Belt Magazines 2001 Gathering of the Masters: Interenational Budo Jujitsu Association. To Grand Master Rusty Grey (World Heavy Weight Kuoshu Champion) and Gran Master Jon Ng (Head of the US International Kuoshu Federation) who enlightened me in the studies of the soft arts like Chin Na, Tai Chi Chuan and Wushu. These people were and remain to be the pivotal game changers in my development of who I am and why Jing Shen Kuoshu is different than other martial arts you see today. 

Ask anyone who new me through even my youngest years, I'd always known that my life’s focus would be martial arts, I’m happy to be turning 50 this year in 2019 and proud to still able to get up every morning, excited to learn new ways and methods teach and reach more people looking to dip their toe into the Tao of Martial Arts. I will also continue to mentor new bright up-&-comers.

If you’d like to know more about Jing Shen Kuoshu, or would like to join HIITFIT one of the best, super fun group fitness martial arts workouts, send me a message at [email protected]  (put “SELF DEFENSE” in the subject line or text me for fastest response at 619-379-4265


Greg Fraser

Grand Master/Sijo of Jing Shen Kuoshu: Martial Science & Functional Fitness