John "Duza" Duczakowski is the Senior Master Instructor for Jing-Shen Kuoshu and has over 30 years of experience instructing the public and private sectors. He has conceived many advanced principles and exercises in fitness to yield faster results to help clients achieve their goals. 

He has been featured on Planet X TV, KUSI News with Rod Luck, KGTV 10, and FOX 6 News. John was also an invited Instructor at the prestigious “GATHERING OF THE MASTERS” and “GATHERING OF THE EAGLES” Martial Arts Masters Expo, 3 years in a row with Masters from all around the World. He also had the fortunate opportunity to help design FIGHT CLUB, a Martial Arts video game for Sony PLAYSTATION, in which he wore the caption suit and portrayed different fighting styles for many of the characters in the game. 

John also worked directly with the SAY San Diego Foundation for Kids, various centers for abused women facilities, after-school programs, SDPD, Army, Navy and Marine personnel including Special Forces, Security companies and Corporate Wellness programs with SAIC. 

"I strive to help people achieve their goals in Fitness and Martial Arts to better themselves Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually while teaching a Way of Life and to protect themselves from any conflict or harm."


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